Portland to Portland!

Marian Call traverses the north from Portland, OR to Portland, ME and back again, with more than 40 shows spanning the continent! More specifics at http://mariancall.com/shows/, and Facebook events to share at https://www.facebook.com/mariancallmusic?sk=events.  Want to catch a future show near you? You really must be on the mailing list, dahling.

  • Portland OR – Sept. 12 at XOXO
  • Seattle WA – Sept. 19 at Empty Sea Studios 8pm (sold out)
  • Plainfield IL – Oct. 1 house concert, RSVP: christine.borsom@gmail.com
  • Madison WI – Oct. 2 house concert, RSVP: galieth@gmail.com
  • FERMILAB, Batavia IL – Oct. 3 at Fermilab Users’ Center 7:30pm
  • Ann Arbor MI – Oct. 4 house concert, RSVP: will@graelent.com
  • Toronto ON – Oct. 5 at 7pm, Ernest Balmer Studio, 9 Trinity Street #316 in the Distillery District
  • Montreal QC – Oct. 7 house concert, RSVP: fmessier@gmail.com
  • Holden MA – Oct. 8 house concert, RSVP: concert@ddtsm.com
  • Portland ME – Oct. 9 at Casablanca Comics 7pm
  • Salem NH – Oct. 10 at Salem High School, streaming live here! 7pm EDT
  • Cambridge MA – Oct. 11 at Pandemonium Books & Games 2pm
  • Princeton NJ – Oct. 12 at Arts Council of Princeton 7pm
  • Bridgewater NJ – Oct. 14 house concert, RSVP: gme@marsint.com
  • Alexandria VA – Oct. 15 house concert, RSVP: houseconcert@zygotestar.com
  • Washington DC – Oct. 16 at Ebenezer’s 7:30pm, GET TICKETS HERE Continue reading

Marian Call Sings the Classics, vol. INew Album: Marian Call Sings the Classics, vol. I

Announcing a new collection of cover songs by Marian Call!  The first of two volumes, this record was a Kickstarter stretch goal, and has launched as of July 28th, 2014.  Order now from Bandcamp! Songs include:

  • The Reading Rainbow theme song
  • The Elements (Tom Lehrer)
  • Yakko’s Universe (The Animaniacs)
  • Particle Man – Live at CERN (They Might Be Giants)
  • Homeward Bound (Simon & Garfunkel)
  • Blackbird (The Beatles)
  • Movin’ Right Along (The Muppet Movie)
  • All of Me

Sketchbook album coverAnnouncing a homebaked CD from the road: Sketchbook. 

Original songs available now on CD or to stream or purchase on Bandcamp.com.

“This album is very much a scrawled checklist of what’s been on my mind:  time, birds, lightning, hope.  Each song is self-contained and focused…deep like diving.”

Read more on Marian’s blog…

…We like spinning round and round

New music video from Marian Call
with thanks to Alaska Robotics, Arjan Kroonen,
Space Expo, and all Kickstarter backers