It’s Convention time!  My schedule for SDCC:

I have a concert in Los Angeles on Wednesday night July 8th!

I will be at the Alaska Robotics booth, number 1137, on Friday/Saturday/Sunday!

I have a concert in San Diego on Friday night July 10th!

I will do a signing at the CA Browncoat booth on Sunday at 11am and I have a ninja gig at noon, at the location of the red pin on the map below — out back of the Convention Center by the taco truck & the elevator.

All my San Diego shows are accessible to friends not going to the con as well as to SDCC attendees.

See you in the melee!

Marian Call SDCC Ninja Gig 2015

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 5.59.58 PM

Marian Call presents SPACE TIME in Los Angeles and San Diego, a candlelit club variety show with your favorite authors, musicians, engineers, and scientists all sharing the stage!

Come for new and old songs by Marian Call, Seth Boyer, & Molly Lewis, interspersed with silly and serious storytelling by writers Josh A. Cagan and Nicole Dieker.

July 8th — Mars Rover Driver emeritus Scott Maxwell joins Mars scientist Dr. Kimberly Maxwell to talk Space, Time, Science, and Relationships in L.A. — and on Mars!

July 10th — Molly Lewis will play music with Marian.  Writer Stephen “Stepto” Toulouse will share some thoughts on inner space and consciousness in a coma. Nicole Dieker will sit down with NASA engineer Bobak Ferdowski (mohawk guy!) for a fireside chat about the Mars Lab and landing the rover.

Get tickets in advance for these exceptional intimate events, seating is limited — Los Angeles on July 8 and San Diego on July 10!

In which Marian Call, Molly Lewis, Patrick Race, and Seth Boyer create a sweded version of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” video, rewriting the song using only the 1000 most common English words — in the style of Randall Munroe’s Up-Goer Five diagram.  Credits and more details on Youtube or at!

Artwork by Karen Luke FildesGot to Fly Again

After six long years, Got to Fly has returned on CD!

Got to Fly is my second album from 2008, produced by Quantum Mechanix and inspired by Firefly and Battlestar Galactica.  Although young and raw and eclectic, it remains one of my fans’ favorite records, and I sing songs from it most every night on tour.

The first printing was a limited edition of 1000 signed and numbered discs, and those have been sold out for years.  But this November, by your many many requests, I have released a new CD in a recycled materials CD wallet, with all new artwork by Karen Luke Fildes (yup, my Mom)!  They’re not in fancy jewel cases, it’s a little more reserved packaging than the limited edition, but I am sure you’ll enjoy it.  It costs $12.95 plus S&H, and through Bandcamp we ship to Canada and abroad at or below cost.

Click here to order!

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