Artwork by Karen Luke FildesAfter six long years, Got to Fly has returned on CD!

Got to Fly is my second album from 2008, produced by Quantum Mechanix and inspired by Firefly and Battlestar Galactica.  Although young and raw and eclectic, it remains one of my fans’ favorite records, and I sing songs from it most every night on tour.

The first printing was a limited edition of 1000 signed and numbered discs, and those have been sold out for years.  But this November, by your many many requests, there will be a new CD in a digipak, with all new artwork by Karen Luke Fildes (yup, my Mom)!  They’re not in fancy jewel cases, it’s a little more reserved packaging than the limited edition, but I am sure you’ll enjoy it.  The CD is $12.95 plus S&H.  The CD’s will begin shipping Nov. 24-25.

Click here to order!

The new CD’s should arrive in time for the holidays for the US and Canada.  If you’re overseas or in Canada and want priority shipping just in case, contact me at and I’ll send you a special invoice, we’re happy to accommodate you and we’ll ship at cost.

And if you’ve already purchased the digital album and it’s really a financial hardship for you to get the CD but you reeeeeally want it, I dig. Email me at and I can get it for you at a steep discount, reflecting the fact that you already bought the music.  I know a guy.

If you already love Got to Fly, have a listen again, and tell a friend about this good little record that could!

Marian Call Sings the Classics, vol. INew Album: Marian Call Sings the Classics, vol. I

Announcing a new collection of cover songs by Marian Call!  The first of two volumes, this record was a Kickstarter stretch goal, and has launched as of July 28th, 2014.  Order now from Bandcamp! Songs include:

  • The Reading Rainbow theme song
  • The Elements (Tom Lehrer)
  • Yakko’s Universe (The Animaniacs)
  • Particle Man – Live at CERN (They Might Be Giants)
  • Homeward Bound (Simon & Garfunkel)
  • Blackbird (The Beatles)
  • Movin’ Right Along (The Muppet Movie)
  • All of Me

Sketchbook album coverAnnouncing a homebaked CD from the road: Sketchbook. 

Original songs available now on CD or to stream or purchase on

“This album is very much a scrawled checklist of what’s been on my mind:  time, birds, lightning, hope.  Each song is self-contained and focused…deep like diving.”

Read more on Marian’s blog…

…We like spinning round and round

New music video from Marian Call
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Space Expo, and all Kickstarter backers