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Don’t miss a show in your neighborhood!  Sign up here to join, and add your country or zip code. Facebook and Twitter won’t tell you when there’s a show near you, but I will! You’ll be contacted 1-5x per year, a little more if you’re on my regular tour route.

To E-mail Marian:  marian@mariancall.com

Snail mail can be addressed to:
Marian Call
c/o Lucid Reverie
174 S Franklin St. #104
Juneau, AK 99801
(No packages, they will be returned.)

Twitter: Twitter.com/MarianCall
Facebook: Facebook.com/MarianCallMusic

Twitter and Facebook are no way to do business, they’re are for fun! Messages about booking/logistics are only valid if they come by email.  I ignore DM’s and Facebook messages.

Marian’s Networks

Twitter, Facebook, and this site are maintained personally by the artist; profiles on all other networks are static or maintained only occasionally.


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