Are there charts or scores of Marian Call songs? Can I cover them?

Sorry, no charts with chords or transcriptions are officially published by me, only lyrics. But… you are welcome to cover a Marian Call song if you like!

I don’t give people chord charts, because I believe in good ear training. I am a total stickler on that point, a jerk really. Sorry.** But if you wind up with some of the wrong chords, that is absolutely OK, play it loud & proud anyway!I

If you just want to play the song for friends or cover my song and post it (for free) on the internet, no need to write me for permission, you have permission!  If you plan to make money in any way on your cover of my song (i.e. selling it on a CD or the web, or posting a video that generates ad revenue),or if you plan to use it in a high-profile environment for a cause (i.e. nonprofit scenario, a political campaign event, or in an advertising/fundraising context), then we need to talk. We’ll work out a simple license & contract over e-mail if we need to.

Do check to be sure you’re not covering a cover song, and always attribute the work properly! Some Marian Call songs are covers (list below).

**One exception to the charts rule: if you are a choral type, you can purchase the score of the self-published piece “Ave Maria” by e-mailing Marian.