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May I license your song for a film or ad?

Probably. Email me! I have instrumentals too. They are very good for films and ads and podcast theme songs and anything else you can think of.

Can I get an interview from you or schedule a podcast appearance?

This largely depends on whether I am traveling. Written interview questions are usually a bad idea; phone or skype interviews of 30 minutes or less work best and are most likely to happen. There are always exceptions of course. Email me and let’s talk about it! And if I am slow responding, feel free to prod. It’s ok and appreciated.

Portland to Portland Tour

Marian Call traverses the north from Portland, OR to Portland, ME and back again, with more than 40 shows spanning the continent! More specifics at, and Facebook events to share at  Want to catch a future show near you? You really must be on the mailing list, dahling.  Here are some of the first and last show details for the tour:

  • Portland OR – Sept. 12 at XOXO
  • Portland ME – Oct. 9 at Casablanca Comics 7pm
  • Boulder CO – ‘Songs Under the Stars’ Oct. 29 at Fiske Planetarium 7pm
  • Colorado Springs CO – Oct. 30, Muse Comics & Games 7pm
  • Denver CO – Oct. 31 Halloween concert at a secret laboratory, RSVP:
  • Denver CO – Nov. 1 Day of the Dead concert, Skylite Station 7:30pm
  • Salt Lake City UT – Nov. 2 at Bar Deluxe, 8pm, 21+
  • Bend, OR – Nov. 5 house concert, RSVP to
  • Portland, OR – Nov. 8, Tour Celebration Party! Slide Inn 7-9pm, RSVP to
  • Seattle, WA – Nov. 12, North City Bistro 7:30pm

Details about all upcoming shows are at and Details will also arrive in your inbox via the mailing list — make sure you’re on it, with both email and zip code!

Does it make a difference where I purchase your music?

Yes it does.  I’m happy when you guys stream my songs.  But remember: streaming ***is NOT buying.*** So if you love a song, if you listen to it more than once or twice, please buy it!

If you purchase from Bandcamp then you are the best!  They are a truly great company!  Also you can put the songs on any device and stream them and own them forever! Continue reading

A Concert for Colorado

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Update: you can watch the fundraiser concert here anytime: Thanks to you who watched it live together, we raised over $2500!!!

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Salt Lake City Memories

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Tonight I’m in Cheyenne (and soon in Laramie), looking ahead to SALT LAKE CITY on Sunday night!  One of the prettiest places there is. If you’ve never flown in over the Wasatch and the colored lake at sunrise with a Supermoon on your starboard side, I can’t explain it.

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Analog Blog: on Reading the Seasons

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I have trouble finding time to blog.  Yet on airplanes I always have time to journal.  So here’s a blog I wrote on my flight home yesterday:

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SDCC: What Marian Is Doing!

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BOOTH 1320 BOOTH 1320 BOOTH 1320

Why, whatever will Marian be doing at SDCC?  Well I’ll tell you!

I am having a big concert on Friday night, like I do every year, sponsored by the San Diego Space Society.  But this year Molly and the Doubleclicks will join me!  It will be big and awesome!  Details are here or else here on Facebook. Continue reading

The Postcard Tour!!!

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Update!  Postcards I receive are now being Tumbl’d at!

I’m gonna sit write down and write you all a letter…

I have been sending a lot of handwritten notes lately.  They are good for the soul.  They are good for the everything.  Since I am going on tour now — for several months, all across the continent and possibly farther — I thought I would invite you to join me. Continue reading

DJ Marian: set list from KRNN show May 8th

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I promised to give this playlist a permanent home, so here it is!

This public document has a record of the songs I played on May 8th 2013 when I got to be DJ for a day at KRNN, during the 7-9pm Wednesday Friends and Neighbors show.  KRNN is my local NPR affiliate that plays sweet sweet music.  When I first created the playlist I had 9 hours of music I wanted to share — it got trimmed down to a little less than two.  Mike Sakarias ran the board for me and I was oh so happy to share my favorite songs. Continue reading