How can I get in touch with Marian?

Hi! It’s me, Marian. E-mail is the best way to reach me (or occasionally one of my helpers or volunteers). Write to to find me!   Also I’m over on the Contact Page with all my social networking info!

May I license your song for a film or ad?

Probably. Email me! I have instrumentals too. They are very good for films and ads and podcast theme songs and anything else you can think of.

Can I get an interview from you or schedule a podcast appearance?

This largely depends on whether I am traveling. Written interview questions are usually a bad idea; phone or skype interviews of 30 minutes or less work best and are most likely to happen. There are always exceptions of course. Email me and let’s talk about it! And if I am slow responding, feel free to prod. It’s ok and appreciated.

Does it make a difference where I purchase your music?

Yes it does.  I’m happy when you guys stream my songs.  But remember: streaming ***is NOT buying.*** So if you love a song, if you listen to it more than once or twice, please buy it!

If you purchase from Bandcamp then you are the best!  They are a truly great company!  Also you can put the songs on any device and stream them and own them forever! Continue reading

Where can I find lyrics and liner notes?

Links are here! Lyrics to most songs are posted at Bandcamp. View the Something Fierce album art here and find the lyrics as text here. You can find more lyrics and notes on Got to Fly and Vanilla on my blog. Lyrics for other singles are probably coming someday, pester me if you want them.

I want to be Marian’s best fan ever and do nice things for her. Where do I start?

I’m so glad you asked. Awesome things that awesome fans do: join the e-mail list, support the Patreon, chat on Twitter, leave a review at Amazon and iTunes, purchase music at Bandcamp, join the Donors’ Circle, pester your friends to listen to the music Continue reading

How can I get Marian to come play a concert in my town?

I usually tour a lot, and I would love to come play for you in person. But let’s all keep each other safe by making our concerts virtual for a while, eh?

Your first step is to get on the e-mail list — include your zip code or country. Once tours start being announced again, that’s where you’ll hear about it first — and you’ll also hear about online concerts and new music there! Be sure to whitelist emails from so they don’t go to your spam filter.

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How do I host a house concert?

I’ve written lots about that here!

Hey Marian, what about Europe?

I went to Europe!  Three times!  I love you, faraway friends! I will come back again when I can!  Look at how you all kicked some start. It was amazing. I made an album there. And some cover songs too.  If you want me to come back again, tell friends about the music — and sign up for the email list so you don’t miss concerts near you!

Are there charts or scores of Marian Call songs? Can I cover them?

Sorry, no charts with chords or transcriptions are officially published by me, only lyrics. But… you are welcome to cover a Marian Call song if you like!

I don’t give people chord charts, because I believe in good ear training. I am a total stickler on that point, a jerk really. Sorry.** But if you wind up with some of the wrong chords, that is absolutely OK, play it loud & proud anyway!I

If you just want to play the song for friends or cover my song and post it (for free) on the internet, no need to write me for permission, you have permission!  If you plan to make money in any way on your cover of my song (i.e. selling it on a CD or the web, or posting a video that generates ad revenue), Continue reading

Which Marian Call songs are covers?

Here’s a list of all the covers and co-writes you can find for sale on the internet…

  • “It’s Good to Have Jayne on Your Side,” originally titled “Shaner,” written by Justin Boot
  • “Love and Harmony,” co-written with Joel Hermansen
  • “Sunday Afternoon,” lyrics by Jeannie Rose Field, music by Marian Call
  • “Shark Week,” co-written with Patrick Race
  • “The Last Song in the World,” co-written with Patrick Race . . .

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Tell me more about the Donors’ Circle!

You can read all about that right here. The Donors’ Circle helps keep me afloat through the challenges of being a full-time artist deep in debt. They funded Something Fierce and they get first listens to things, as well as many other special privileges. The threshold to join is low — $200, which many folks paid in several affordable installments. If you’re interested, read more or write Marian and ask for more information about joining the Donors’ Circle!

Who are the Donors who funded Something Fierce?

You can read a complete list of names here as part of the longer set of liner notes I’ve published online.