How can I get Marian to come play a concert in my town?

I usually tour a lot, and I would love to come play for you in person. But let’s all keep each other safe by making our concerts virtual for a while, eh?

Your first step is to get on the e-mail list — include your zip code or country. Once tours start being announced again, that’s where you’ll hear about it first — and you’ll also hear about online concerts and new music there! Be sure to whitelist emails from so they don’t go to your spam filter.

When tours do happen, I try my best to play all over the area that I’m visiting, as time allows. If you see your region coming up, write me and tell me where you want a show! If you don’t see your region coming up, heck, write me anyway (with your city/country in the subject line) and let me know you’re out there, no matter where in the world, I love to hear from you. The fans that stay engaged tend to be the fans that get shows in their backyards. Fans that offer house concerts along my planned tour route get what they want about 80% of the time.

In the end I always have to disappoint a few people or put things off, and for that I am terribly terribly sorry. I do my best and push myself hard for you guys. I hope you’ll check out some of the many many free concert videos I’ve posted online, all around the web and on Youtube. In the virtual world you can hit a concert anytime!