I want to be Marian’s best fan ever and do nice things for her. Where do I start?

I’m so glad you asked. Awesome things that awesome fans do: join the e-mail list, support the Patreon, chat on Twitter, leave a review at Amazon and iTunes, purchase music at Bandcamp, join the Donors’ Circle, pester your friends to listen to the music until they do, write a blog post, come to a show, propose a location for a show, host a house concert or a venue concert at a little shop you love, forward a Facebook event to people you know in the area, volunteer to be a minion at a show…..and if you see me in person, say hi!

And — most of all — be yourself, be empowered, sing loud in the car, make art with crayons or leaves and glue, be good to strangers, and rhyme just a little more often.