A sweeping rock album written by Marian over several years and produced by Bryan Ray in Austin, TX. Based on the Medieval/Renaissance devotional Book of Hours, each bold and lyrical song marks the time of day and the ages of man. Click to play:

Something Fierce by Marian CallSketchbook album by Marian CallMarian’s bootleg album recorded on the road. These are not polished studio tracks, they are simple, imperfect, & transparent. The CD packaging is hand-stamped recycled cardboard. The songs are about time, lightning, birds, books, and hope. Click to play:

Something Fierce by Marian CallSomething Fierce album by Marian CallMarian tackles life, love, astronomy, spaceships, and beer in her double-album masterpiece. The songs range from silly to heartwrenching, the arrangements are rich and inventive, and the 16-page liner notes with lyrics are worth sinking into. Click to play:

Live in Europe by Marian CallMarian Call Live in Europe album artA Kickstarted European tour allowed Marian to capture a few magical evenings in pubs for posterity. This collection of songs from Got to Fly, Vanilla, & Something Fierce features guitarist Scott Barkan and Marian’s new typewriter Neil (named for Neil Armstrong).

Got to Fly by Marian CallGot to Fly album by Marian CallIn 2008 Quantum Mechanix, purveyors of artisan geekstuff, commissioned Got to Fly. Marian delivered songs dedicated to Firefly/Serenity and Battlestar Galactica that continue to inspire fandom today. Just rereleased on CD!

album-banner-vanillaVanilla by Marian CallMarian’s debut album, sweet & a little spicy, very much homemade. Recorded in 2007, it contains a flock of little acoustic tunes that are refreshing in their honesty and listenability.


MC-SOTM-album-artBootlegs, basement recordings, and other fun singles from Marian’s one-year-long songwriting project. The tunes range from punk to jazz to an original choral composition. A fan favorite is “We’re Out for Blood,” the theme song to the film Zombie Cheerleading Camp.

• • • • Covers & Singles • • • •

Sharrrrrk Week! It be Sharrrrk Week!…..Fun Singles!…..The Karaoke Song! by Marian Call and Joel Hermansen

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