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Greetings!  Here live all sorts of publicity tools and information for fans / venues / media / promo. Questions? Need anything else? Check the press page first, in case it’s there.  Then contact


You can find logos and photos to print in this web gallery: Most are sized to print; if you need a different size of an image, or if you have trouble downloading, just send me the file name of the photo you want ( and we’ll get you the version you need, if possible, ASAP.

If you use a photo from this gallery, always give photo credit to the listed photographer, like so: “Photo by Brian Adams,” (always include the website, and make the link live if it’s online).

The photos in the Dropbox gallery are all cleared for press use, both in print and online, but only if they are credited. If you have a photo from another source, be sure to credit that photographer or their organization, and clear with them whether the photo is all right for the use you have in mind.

Need posters? Download one here (with space for show info): Or e-mail me (Marian) so we can add show dates or arrange to print and ship to you.


You can find a tech rider here.


Here’s a concert announcement and press release; you can doctor it to your needs as long as you don’t change the essential meaning. If you’re unsure about a change, just send it to me for approval and I’ll get back to you quick as I can. These are long-ish, trim as necessary.

Protip: you might start with a snippet of Marian’s short or long bio, and include some media quotes if you like.

Concert Announcement (the sort of thing you might submit to an online events calendar or your local paper): Alaskan singer-songwriter Marian Call visits ___[town]___ to play a funky acoustic __[all-ages/19+/21+]___ show at ____[venue] [date] [time]___ — featuring unforgettable original songs about love, life, Jane Austen, spaceships, and sharks. To learn more, or to hear her music for free, visit or This concert is ____[ticket price/availability]____. [Include the venue address or website if required.]

Sample Press Release (updated in October 2013, use whichever paragraphs are relevant for your needs):

Singer-songwriter Marian Call does things a little differently. Her trusty typewriter is always at her side, her songs are all about spaceships, avocados, and Windows Vista, and she makes her home in Alaska. A careful completionist, she played in all fifty United States in 2010, and tours the U.S., Canada, and Europe for most of her working year.  Call’s music has been described by fans as “funky acoustic joy jazz” — her eclectic, humorous and heartfelt songs reach across all ages and demographics.

Marian Call’s double album Something Fierce is available now at, as well as on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and wherever digital music is sold. Her newest album, Standing Stones, is available at exclusively at and, coming soon to other music services.

Call’s concerts are unlike any other, and she is most often compared to other artists noted for their uniqueness and whimsy — songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, and Fiona Apple. Marian Call releases music and tours under her own power without label support, and her crew of loyal fans has supported her through six years of intensive travel and recording.

In ____[state/region]___, Marian Call will play the _____[venue]______ on _____[date]_____ at ___[time]____ for _____[amount/ticket info/all ages or no]_____.

If it’s a nerd/geek media outlet: Marian Call is a singer-songwriter based in Juneau, Alaska. She has a passionate online following and the enthusiastic endorsement of a number of web celebrities such as Felicia Day, Seanan McGuire, Peter Sagal, Wil Wheaton, Paul F. Tompkins, and Adam Savage of the Mythbusters. She has played on the Jonathan Coulton Cruise and she has toured with w00tstock, The Doubleclicks, and Molly Lewis, warming the hearts of comic shop denizens and conventiongoers across the country.

For more information or press materials, including music and photographs, visit or contact Interviews always welcome.

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