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“This pop songstress from Anchorage churns out shifting, orchestral tunes across her double-album, Something Fierce. She can be minimal and charming (“Free Bird”) or layered and commanding (“Good Morning Moon”), but the string that connects Call’s tunes is her playful personality.” – Paste.com

“Marian Call is a word nerd, but has become the preeminent Geek Chanteuse to a wide and motley array of awkwardly obsessive acolytes. She’s more than this, of course, but clearly no less.  …Her superpower is recognizing paradoxes or antinomies in human experience and distilling them to heart- and mind-moving simplicity without pretending to resolve them.” – Popehat.com

Vanilla is a certified Desert Island Disc…it’s one of the three best debut albums I’ve ever heard. Remember the day and time you first heard about Marian Call.” – Wildy Haskell, WildysWorld.com

“She is a great singer-songwriter with an interesting social network plan.  In many ways, she feels like the small mammal to my dinosaur.” – Jonathan Coulton, in an interview with the Pittsburgh City Paper

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