Music and Merch at Bandcamp.comThis is a robot in a disembodied silver hand. Photo by Marian.

Purchase a CD and get a digital download immediately, or just go digital.  Bandcamp has more of Marian’s music than any other place on the internet – plus the files are DRM-free and available in several formats.  You own them forever.  It’s definitely where the cool kids buy music to support independent artists.  In fact Marian has her own list of recommended artists there!

You’ll also find T-shirts, stickers, artwork, and sometimes kazoos on the Merch page!

Buy the Music Somewhere Else

Marian still loves you if you acquire her music on CDBaby, iTunes, Spotify, or anywhere else you feel comfortable online  If you like it, buy it (streaming is not buying). All gratitude is with you for supporting an independent artist.  But if you must shop somewhere that isn’t Bandcamp, kindly leave a review wherever you pick it up!  Note that international customers may find much higher prices on CD shipping at CDBaby and other stores than Bandcamp, where we ship at or below cost.

Interested in Special Limited-edition Stuff?

A few times per year, Marian offers special somethings.  From Alaskan picnic baskets to signed posters to original handwritten lyrics and commissioned songs, even the odd instrument or two, the goods are always great – but they’re only available for very short windows of time.  You can be sure not to miss this stuff by signing up for the e-mail newsletter.  Special items always live on the Fundraiser page when they are available.