No big fundraisers underway at the moment, instead I’m using Patreon to help me tour and create new music on a sustainable basis. Have a look at the rewards there! Below are details and FAQ’s on my 2015 Kickstarter.

Kickstarter Details and Fine Print

Here are all the details about reward tiers and stretch goals over at the shiny awesome 2015 Kickstarter!  Email me, marian@mariancall.com, with any questions — and don’t forget to check your backer updates and messages, answers may be in there too.

All CD’s have shipped to all backers at this point, if you are missing yours get in touch! And if you had any trouble with music download links or codes, we are happy to help out, just email.

The Apocrypha is the last item to ship. All items ship USPS 1st class unless otherwise specified — this means, unfortunately, that international items can take awhile to arrive.  Allow 4-5 weeks from ship date for CD’s and other goods to arrive.  Want things faster?  Contact marian@mariancall.com to arrange priority shipping when goods are ready to mail.

Stretch Goals: Voting on Good Morning Moons and Sequel/Prequel/Paraquel Song

  • All Kickstarter backers get to vote on two new original songs I’m going to write.  The links to vote were in your backer messages and updates, and that’s where the songs will be shared too, so be sure to read those!
  • “Primary” voting closed Friday morning Sept. 18th, 2015, and final voting will begin later that day.  You may nominate as many options as you like in the primary, but the final contest will be one backer, one ballot.
  • Again, CHECK YOUR BACKER MESSAGES and updates so you don’t miss voting.
  • These special songs will be recorded when I’m able; the rough draft of the first song has already been posted at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0yOCWIbnj.

Digital Downloads:

  • Links to download music that is *already available* will be sent to you as soon as the Kickstarter ends.  If you already have the music, feel free to pass it along to a friend or a few!  I don’t mind sharing, at least material I wrote (not cover songs).
  • The files are DRM-free MP3’s. If you want uncompressed FLAC files I can get them to you by request.
  • When the new album comes out, you’ll receive a link to download it a few days before it’s available to the general public — MP3 or FLAC. (If you had trouble downloading, get in touch.)
  • Backers who get a single song will probably get the title track, “Standing Stones,” but that’s subject to change. You’ll get the awesomest song, basically. ;)
  • The five albums included in the Digital Bundle ($35) are Vanilla, Got to Fly, Something Fierce, Live in Europe, and Sketchbook.  If you want to trade one of these out for any other album (except the Classics), just let me know — by replying via email when I send you the download link, because that’s when I’ll be able to take care of it for you!
  • The Update from the Studio ($35+) will be delivered once and will include a little audio, a few photos, and some bonus digital goodies to give you an idea how the record is coming along.  I’m excited to put that together! Update: you can see the full studio report here, with tons of audio previews. The password is GoodMorningMoons.

The Apocrypha:

  • The Apocrypha will be a chapbook, a short book of poetry and prose, containing some of the extra poems and ideas that belong to this project.  It will look and feel nice, it will be professionally printed, it will be in the neighborhood of 40 pages in a soft cover, and it will be a lovely companion to the record.
  • The Apocrypha will ship right around the record release and should arrive about the same time as the CD.  They will ship separately.  [update: that didn’t happen, they had to be spaced out separately.]

Typewritten and handwritten materials:

  • $200 — I’ll type you up a thank you note with personal flourishes at the $200 level, on one of my several lovely typewriters.  I keep each one personal and different from all the others.  Signed sealed delivered!
  • $350 — I’ll handwrite for you the lyrics to one of the songs from the new album.  I stamp and sign and minimally decorate the lyrics — here is a photo of “Dark Dark Eyes” framed from a previous recipient.  I want to give you words that are meaningful for you, so as soon as you have access to the songs from the new album, I’ll invite you to let me know which song you would like me to transcribe!
  • Letters and lyrics ship USPS Priority flat rate and they’re insured (the CD will still ship separately first class).  The typewritten letters will probably arrive about the same time as the CD, and they will come packaged together with the Apocrypha to save you postage.  The handwritten lyrics will be completed and sent off within 30 days, priority, as soon as you specify for me which song you would like — so they will arrive a little later than the CD.
  • Letters and lyrics can be bundled for shipping with the Apocrypha (international only) but probably not with vinyl, sorry.  That may change but it seems unlikely to.

Jazz Jukebox:

  • If you join in the Jazz Jukebox, you can request a cover of pretty much any song (including a jazz version of an existing Marian Call song), performed with a combo.  I usually ask for at least 2-3 song options, but you are welcome to express a strong preference, as long as you know I may choose one of your other choices.
  • The songs will be Blue Note, unedited, performed straight through from beginning to end — so even though I’m an experienced jazz singer and I’ll be playing with the best, these songs will have small imperfections and risks and flashes of improvisational brilliance, all the good things that come with jazz!  We’ll send you the best take.
  • I’m planning to record the Jazz Jukebox songs between December and February in Anchorage, so delivery should be by March 2016.  That said, my top priority during that time will be finishing the main record, Standing Stones.  I’ll be in touch if there is a delay for some reason, but you should know that the expected delivery date is not a guarantee.
  • The song will be all yours, especially recorded for you and because of you.  That said, I prefer to release most songs (months after you have it) to the Donors’ Circle and sometimes I release a few to the general public if you’re willing.
  • You’re welcome to share the song around your friends and family, but please don’t post it online in a public place without checking with me, since I have to license cover songs for the correct number of streams and downloads.

Original Song Commissions:

  • I love writing original songs for fans — several of my favorite songs, including the title track from this new album, were inspired or commissioned by fans.  Here’s what the process is like!
  • You send me 5 ideas to chew on, things you are thinking about, song topics.  I work on writing the song.  Sometimes it comes easily, sometimes it’s very difficult.  I’ve had some occur to me in minutes and others take over a 18 months, because art is like that.  Once I failed utterly at my first idea, and I had to tell the customer that I needed a new prompt.  Thankfully the new concept blossomed quickly and I was able to deliver a good song much more quickly on the second go!
  • I usually deliver commissions with a simple but high-quality keyboard or guitar accompaniment and a top-notch vocal track.
  • I retain ownership and copyright of the song, and reserve the right to release it to the public when and where and how I choose — but I usually allow you a significant time to have it all to yourself, especially if you enjoy the exclusivity.  Share and copy the file without fear, it’s truly yours and you have my permission to distribute it for non-commercial purposes or use it in films/public performances.
  • My priority will be completing Standing Stones, since that music is for everyone.  I may be able to record your commission when I work on the Jazz Jukebox or at another time before Standing Stones is done, but be braced in case it takes longer than that.  I would rather deliver you a great song after two years than a terrible song right away.  I’ll be in touch about final delivery dates as we go.

Stretch Goals: Acoustic EP

  • If we reach $40,000 total, then I can make for you an intimate acoustic EP of a few songs on the record, just vocals and guitar and a live audience.  I know some of you ultimately prefer the unplugged version of my tunes, and I want to be able to offer it to you alongside all the drums and electric guitars!
  • The acoustic EP will be delivered to all backers at every reward tier, including less than $15.  It will be delivered at the same time as the album. [update: nope, it’ll be delivered after the album. We had a recording glitch at the show we hoped to use for this live acoustic EP.]
  • It will have 5-7 tracks, and the songs will be those on the album that sound *the most different* live vs. in studio with lots of instruments.

Stretch Goals: Vinyl

  • You’ll be able to purchase vinyl when Standing Stones is complete and I have a final quote.  If you backed the Kickstarter, you’ll receive a steep discount that will enable you to buy the record at only $3-5 above cost, saving you around $15-20.
  • I’ll take orders during a 2-month window when we get to that point.  Records will be printed to order, so you’ll only get a copy if you order it during that order window.  Orders will be open from at least a month before the record comes out until at least a month after the launch.  You’ll be notified by email and Kickstarter notifications and social media and possibly carrier pigeon when it’s time to order.
  • If you live outside the U.S., we may be able to package your record with your other physical rewards, although probably *not* typewritten letters or handwritten lyrics.
  • I might have to leave off a song or two, since LP’s are short, but the record will flow like records should — it will sound amazing — and you will also get a FLAC download of all the album content plus bonus material, commentaries, etc.  So you will not miss any content if you just order the new record on vinyl.
  • Yes, there will be epic bonus artwork for the LP.

Email me at marian@mariancall.com with more questions — and if a reward you love sells out or you are interested in changing a small specific detail of one of the higher level rewards, just ask!  I can maybe accommodate you.

Thank you so much for listening and supporting!



Holiday Voicemail Serenades

A small number of Voicemail Serenades are available for special holidays, and occasionally for birthdays and anniversaries. Normally only available from December thru February, but inquire if you have a truly special reason to surprise a Marian Call fan with a voicemail — write to marian@mariancall.com. (As part of delivering the singing voicemail, Marian will perform any original song in her repertoire or any public domain song.)

Yippee Ki Yay on CD!

Marian’s very strange little live holiday EP is available this year on CD! For U.S. orders with standard shipping, order through Bandcamp.com.

If you live outside the U.S. ***and you want your CD Artwork by Patrick Raceguaranteed by the end of December,*** we recommend priority shipping, even if it’s pricey — use the Paypal links below, we set rates exactly at our cost. If you’re ordering late in the U.S. or you want the CD fast, you can also order place a priority order here. Shipping starts around Nov. 21st. (For slower international orders, with the risk that your order may arrive after the holidays, go ahead and order on Bandcamp at parcel post rates.)

Canada – click here to order Yippee Ki Yay w/priority shipping
International – click here to order Yippee Ki Yay on CD w/priority shipping
U.S. last minute – click here to order Yippee Ki Yay on CD w/priority shipping

All orders come with a complimentary download of the album, to be delivered by email within 1-2 days of placing your order. And again, if you don’t need priority shipping, you can order from anyplace in the world at Bandcamp.com.

Do you want to bundle a few different CD’s together in one package for overseas priority shipping? Need to mix a discounted and non-discounted group of CD’s? Just email marian@mariancall.com to place a custom order.