Space Time!

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Marian Call presents SPACE TIME in Los Angeles and San Diego, a candlelit club variety show with your favorite authors, musicians, engineers, and scientists all sharing the stage!

Come for new and old songs by Marian Call, Seth Boyer, & Molly Lewis, interspersed with silly and serious storytelling by writers Josh A. Cagan and Nicole Dieker.

July 8th — Mars Rover Driver emeritus Scott Maxwell joins Mars scientist Dr. Kimberly Maxwell to talk Space, Time, Science, and Relationships in L.A. — and on Mars!

July 10th — Molly Lewis will play music with Marian.  Writer Stephen “Stepto” Toulouse will share some thoughts on inner space and consciousness in a coma. Nicole Dieker will sit down with NASA engineer Bobak Ferdowski (mohawk guy!) for a fireside chat about the Mars Lab and landing the rover.

Get tickets in advance for these exceptional intimate events, seating is limited — Los Angeles on July 8 and San Diego on July 10!