Special for February 14th

Valentine’s Day Serenades:
Voicemails by Marian


Limited Quantity: 25 available sorry, sold out!

If you would like to surprise your sweetheart, your Mom, your BFF with a love song, now’s your chance! Should you purchase a Serenade, I will call the person of your choice on Valentine’s Day and sing them the song of your choice (from my repertoire of originals). Lyrics can be altered to fit special people and special occasions. I’m also happy to deliver any important messages from you in my best soothing radio voice.

Voicemail Serenades cost $50.00. I’ll record my end of the phone call and send it to you as an MP3 as well, so you have a higher-quality recording that you can save. I will email you 24-48 hours after your purchase to work out the necessary details.  International orders in any time zone are entirely welcome!

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(I wanted to come sing serenades at all of your windows with a Mariachi band, but logistics for doing twenty-five such serenades proved to be problematic and Santa was unavailable for travel booking.)