International Tour VIP’s


This post is current as of March 2016.

Everyone gets special treatment at my shows, but if you want to be a Very Important Person, as in Keeping the Transatlantic Tours Happening, please become a VIP!*  It’s not at all required but it is appreciated, so that we can undertake a great big tour like this without going broke.

Click here to donate in pounds, dollars, or euros, name your own price

  • $15, €15, or £15 – pay your optional door fee in advance to guarantee the seat of your choice!
  • $30, €30, or £30 – submit song requests (for most shows) and get a merch discount!
  • $75, €75, or £75 – all the above, plus get a postcard from the road! (only 10 available)

Feel free to choose the cheapest (or most expensive) currency for you. ;)

Show attendance is totally optional for VIP’s, you may support this tour even if it comes nowhere near you — this is a fairly short transatlantic tour and I hope to come back before long for a much more thorough trip, which we can do if this trip is successful!

Not long on cash? You don’t have to donate to be a VIP — just tell your friends about the tour, volunteer to help with merch or travel, or let us know what media outlets we can contact to promote the shows! Write to to help out in non-monetary ways.

*Note that becoming a VIP won’t replace a ticket for our ticketed shows, you’ll need to purchase a ticket as well for those events.

See you on the other side!!!!