DJ Marian: set list from KRNN show May 8th

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I promised to give this playlist a permanent home, so here it is!

This public document has a record of the songs I played on May 8th 2013 when I got to be DJ for a day at KRNN, during the 7-9pm Wednesday Friends and Neighbors show.  KRNN is my local NPR affiliate that plays sweet sweet music.  When I first created the playlist I had 9 hours of music I wanted to share — it got trimmed down to a little less than two.  Mike Sakarias ran the board for me and I was oh so happy to share my favorite songs.

Juneau is lucky in that we have three stations, even for a tiny populace — KTOO is mostly talk and some Classical and Jazz, KRNN is acoustic/pop and hosts tons of guest DJ’s across many genres, and KXLL is one of those amazing tastemaker stations that plays all sorts of crazy music in EVERY genre and always happens upon things first.

I had so much fun playing the songs — and chatting with you guys on Facebook and Twitter while they played — that I am seriously considering doing a LOT more of that this winter.  It felt so fun and connected to you.  I can’t even do that during a live streaming concert, because I’m busy singing, so I can’t really interact with you!  This was wonderful.

Finding out now re. whether we can get audio of the full two hours posted online somewhere.  If we can, I’ll link it here.

There is so much music out there that you don’t yet know you can’t live without.  You know that record, the one so powerful you can’t remember your life before you had it?  Go find another one!  It’s on the list!