SDCC 2014 Details: Booth 1134

#Phaser set to stun.SDCC EVERYBODY

I am very very very excited for San Diego Comic-Con!  I hope I see you there.  Here are some great things to know about Marian Call at Comic-Con:

  1. BOOTH 1134!!!
  2. I will have shark hats for sale!   SHARK HATS!  Chomp chomp!  Stand out just a little bit above the milling Comic-Con crowds — let them know you’re dangerous.  You can find the shark hats at…
  3. BOOTH 1134!!!  That spells hEll upside down, for you calculator-proficient folks.
  4. I will be playing a short set at w00tstockTickets are here.
  5. I have a big concert on Friday night at Rebecca’s Coffeehouse! Molly Lewis and Sarah Donner will also be there! And you can get a free Uber ride from the Convention!  Read about it here. Note we are RSVP-ed full, but some day-of seats & standing room will be available.
  1. I am thrilled to announce that the physical CD of Sketchbook will be available at Comic-Con!  And I will sketch on it for you if you come get it at…
  2. BOOTH 1134.
  3. I’m going on a fun run, an informal Comic-Con 5k, on Saturday morning along the waterfront.  The details on our run are here. Dress like a fast superhero!
  4. I will have some ninja gigs Saturday 11am and Sunday 12:30pm if you can’t make it Friday night. Details will be posted here and on Twitter / Facebook!
  5. I am playing a round of Celebrity Gloom with Molly Lewis at the Geek and Sundry headquarters at Jolt’n Joe’s — with the creator of Gloom himself, Keith Baker!  Friday morning at 11am.
  6. Don’t worry, shark hats and Sketchbook CD’s will be available online right after the convention if you’re not at the convention.  If you want all the details so you don’t miss the goodies, be sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter (and add your zip code!).
  7. Booth what? . . . . .


Shark Hats! Booth 1134!