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Grace Virginia Kari (GVK) is originally from the Matanuska-Susitna Valley in Alaska and now working in Missoula, Montana.  Her beautiful portraits can be found at

Anchorage-based professional photographer Brian Adams (BA) has been collaborating with Marian Call for several years. For a more complete gallery of photos by Brian Adams, visit his Marian Call Flickr set or his fantastic website.

Need posters, promotional materials, or photos cleared for use?  Some Marian Call photos are cleared for promotional use, some are not.  To use the right photos, view the gallery of promo materials here with print- and web-sized pictures ready to go, all approved for online promotional use.  There are posters ready to print too.  For other promo resources, see the promo tools page.  For further photo use permissions, in books/ebooks or for uses not promoting Marian Call, write to; in most cases you’ll get them immediately.

Always credit the photographers, because photo credits are never optional: “Brian Adams,” or “Grace Virginia Kari,” as appropriate.  Photo credits are always a condition of use.  Always.  Because these photographers are amazing.