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Some amazing people.

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Broadcasting from Juneau AK, in my home, with tea and oranges and honey.  I have a short thing to say that I’ve been meaning to say. Just sharing some love. Continue reading

It isn’t DIY

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I leave for my first Europe tour (as a singer-songwriter) in a matter of hours. I cannot believe it.  It still stuns me when I come up with a crazy idea and somehow it works and then here I am doing it.  There is one million more work before me, for the plane I suppose, but I’ll call it quits now and sleep.  It’s just mountains beyond mountains.  I’ll see you tomorrow, Boston and Reykjavik and Amsterdam. Continue reading

Return of the Something Fierce, or, November 13th 2012

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November 13th, 2012 #somethingfierce

This blog is for those of you who are already fans of mine, as we’ll go behind the scenes a bit:

Gather ’round, O Best Beloved, because I have something very important to tell you.  This is kind big news in the Marian Callisphere, and it involves both a game and a party. Continue reading


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I am doing a very special thing this week.  I have been excited about it for months.  But I have not communicated my excitement to you guys yet.


Kicking the Start, or, stuff I keep wanting to say

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It’s the middle of the night in Juneau. My hair is still all curly from being in a wedding today.  I have a lot of thank yous to say, and a lot of explaining to do.

THANK YOU to all of you folks who contributed to my crazy Kickstarter.  You are mighty when you pull together!  Just look what you’ve done, it’s incredible!  And by that I mean barely credible!  I mean, I knew you would fund my asking amount, but I did NOT anticipate becoming a poster girl for Kickstarteriness.  More on that in a second.  I’m busy trying to keep up with your messages to me and get the survey stragglers in the database and get necklaces mailed out.  But first – Continue reading

New Blog home!

Marian’s blog will now live here at! You can find older blog entries at and You can find the very oldest awesomest entries at Subscribe via RSS here for new updates!

I want to be Marian’s best fan ever and do nice things for her. Where do I start?

I’m so glad you asked. Awesome things that awesome fans do: join the e-mail list, support the Patreon, chat on Twitter, leave a review at Amazon and iTunes, purchase music at Bandcamp, join the Donors’ Circle, pester your friends to listen to the music Continue reading

How can I get Marian to come play a concert in my town?

I usually tour a lot, and I would love to come play for you in person. But let’s all keep each other safe by making our concerts virtual for a while, eh?

Your first step is to get on the e-mail list — include your zip code or country. Once tours start being announced again, that’s where you’ll hear about it first — and you’ll also hear about online concerts and new music there! Be sure to whitelist emails from so they don’t go to your spam filter.

Continue reading

How do I host a house concert?

I’ve written lots about that here!

Hey Marian, what about Europe?

I went to Europe!  Three times!  I love you, faraway friends! I will come back again when I can!  Look at how you all kicked some start. It was amazing. I made an album there. And some cover songs too.  If you want me to come back again, tell friends about the music — and sign up for the email list so you don’t miss concerts near you!